Pure Essential Oils

We’re passionate about supplying the very best quality essential oils and aromatherapy oils in Australia, and hope you enjoy browsing our selection of oils hand picked by our aromatherapist.

When purchasing essential oils, it’s not uncommon to find huge pricing differences between companies. For the aromatherapy novice this can be intimidating.

Unfortunately, in many cases the new essential oil users tend to shop by picking a company who is cheapest. Or trusts the marking hype that “claims” to be the only company that sells truly pure essential oils.

If you are comparing our oils with other companies’ please make sure you are comparing “apple with apples”. As some online retailers tend to omit important information such as the botanical name and country of origin.

Why is this information important?
– the therapeutic properties of the oil can vary by species. So, we provide the botanical name (Latin name) of the plant, so you can be sure you are getting the right essential oil. For example, there are several species of lavender.
– the country of origin is also important to aromatherapists because quality can vary by country

As such, we are transparent to both knowledgeable parties and more general customers:
– our website listings state both the botanical name and the country of origin of all our essentials oils or the full product ingredients for our other products
– Bottle labels clearly show country of origin for our essential oils & a full list of ingredients for our other products