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Using Essential Oils in the Office

Whether you work from home, or commute to your office, it is a space you will spend a lot of time in. So enhancing your work experience by using essential oils in the office may be something you have considered.

Our work habits and practices have changed immensely over the last year, with many people finding that they prefer to continue to work from home at least some of the time. And this may give you greater freedom to tailor your workspace to suit your own preferences and needs.

For those returning to shared offices, however, you need to consider those around you when deciding whether it is appropriate to use essential oils at all. And if you do use them, the best way to do this.
Essential oils can refresh your office space, help you with focus and concentration, make you more productive, purify the air and boost your mood!

But which essential oils are the most useful?

And what are the best ways to use them?


When it comes to using essential oils in the office, these are some of the oils that I find useful –


Rosemary Essential Oil has a long held reputation for enhancing concentration and memory and its invigorating aroma makes it ideal for any task that requires focus.

Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange Essential Oil is uplifting and refreshing. Its sweet aroma calms and refreshes and its happy nature is ideal for those high pressure stressful days


The gentle balancing nature of Geranium Essential Oil lifts the mood and soothes frazzled nerves helping you keep an even keel under pressures and deadlines.


Fresh and earthy Lemongrass Essential Oil freshens, invigorates and energises the atmosphere helping you focus and concentrate. It can also be useful as an insect repellent.


My favourite methods for Using  Essential Oils in the Office


The most common way essential oils are used in the office tends to be in a diffuser. Ultrasonic diffusers are practical and easy to use.

However, if you share your office space, always make sure to check with your co-workers or office supervisor or manager if they are ok with you using a diffuser before introducing one. There are some people with allergies and sensitivities which make them very sensitive to aromas, even if they are from natural essential oils. So always check first before using essential oils in shared office spaces.

To use an ultrasonic diffuser –

add 5-6 drops of your chosen essential oil with water in your diffuser. Turn it on and enjoy the aroma. Make sure to take breaks from using your diffuser – don’t run it all day every day. And don’t be tempted to top up the oil too often – once or twice a day should be more than enough for most spaces.

RememberConsider those around you if you are in a shared space and make sure they are ok with you using a diffuser before you introduce this. (Of course, if you are working on your own you can please yourself!)

Personal Inhalers

If you want to use essential oils in the office, but need to “keep them to yourself”, an Aroma Inhaler is a very useful tool to have on hand.

You can make up your own customised Aroma Inhaler and keep it on hand for when you need it. Simply take off the cap, take a few deep breaths and reseal the Inhaler until next time. Inhalers are a discrete way of getting the benefits of essential oils in the office without impacting those around you.

To make your personalised aroma inhaler –

Simply add 10-20 drops of essential oil on to the cotton wick of the inhaler. Put this inside the case, op on the cap to seal and you are good to go. You can even make inhalers for different times of the day, or different moods. Perhaps one to energise during the mid-afternoon slump or a relaxing blend to calm the nerves before a presentation. Just make sure you label each one, so you know what you are using!


Using Essential Oils in the office can enhance the atmosphere, aid concentration and focus, de-stress or may even help to make you more productive! Try them and see what effect they have for you!