Essential Oil Dispersant | Solubiliser

Essential Oil Dispersant can also be referred to as an Essential Oil Solubiliser

Commonly used for incorporating essential oils into water-based products. It enables essential oils to be properly dispersed throughout the water-based medium without separating

In simple terms it helps essential oil stay mixed with water without requiring constant agitation.

Why use a dispersant (solubiliser)? If you look at natural skin care and perfumes made without using a solubilisers. You tend to see a clear liquid at the bottom with a layer of essential oil on top. Some products may have instructions saying shake vigorously before use. In general these products tend to look unattractive and unprofessional. In addition, they can have other issues caused as a result of the essential oils are not evenly distributed throughout the medium.

Using a solubilser ensures the essential oils are uniformly dispersed in the product as very small droplets and their concentration is the same through the whole solution.

Ideal for using in hair shampoos, bath soaks, body washes or even floral waters.