Amber Bottles & Jars

Essence of Wellbeing has a range of glass & PET plastic amber bottles and jars suitable for your aromatherapy and\or cosmetic requirements.

They are suitable for safely storing essential oils, oil blends, massage oils, balms, creams or lotions. Available in a variety of sizes and dispensers, so it’s easy to find something that suits your product.

Choose from :

Glass Amber bottles with closures including, caps, dripolator caps, sprays and lotion pumps.
PET Amber bottles with screw and disc caps
Glass Amber Jars with caps

Manufactured in amber to provide optimum protection from light, so they are perfect for the storage of aromatherapy and skincare products.

So when it comes to your packaging, make the right decision! We offer a range of options perfect for essential oils, and cosmetics that are stylish & functional.

Perfect for your aromatherapy and cosmetic requirements.