Wood Essential Oil Boxes & Essential Oil Bags (Pouches)

Our quality wood essential oil boxes offer a practical, safe method of storage and transportation for your essential oils. You’ll never have to worry about your essential oils being left around the home or being messy & unorganised again.

An Essential Oil Box not only keeps your essential oil collection neat and tidy. It also assists in extending the shelf life of your essential oils by protecting them from the deterioration, caused by direct sunlight.

Each Essential Oil Box comes with a practical latch and strong hinges, the internal dividers are removable making each box versatile and functional and easy to clean in case of a spillage.

Essential Oil Boxes are perfect for practical, safe storage of essential oils

An alternative to wood boxes are our soft fabric essential oil bags (pouches). Essential oil bags are perfect for storing your essential oils while you travel or just keeping them close at hand. Our essential oil bags help you to stay organised and carry your essential oils with you.

Our Essential Oil Kits & Packs, come with either an Essential Oil Storage Box or Essential Oil Bag (Pouch). These make great gifts!

Wood Boxes or Bags (Pouches) are the perfect addition to any Essential Oils Collection!