Natural Vegetable Oils

We offer a selection of natural vegetable oils for DIY skin care recipes, soap making, and aromatherapy.

Vegetable oils – fixed, non-volatile oils present in various nuts, seeds and legumes. The cold pressed, extraction process involves no heat this helps the oils to stay in their natural and unaltered state. As a result a high level of phenols, antioxidants and fatty acids that are found naturally in the plants and seeds are retained. This ensures the integrity of the original fatty acid profile and usability in skincare and cosmetic production.

Vegetable Oils (Carrier oils or base oils) play a key role in aromatherapy, as the primary base(s) to add essential oils and dilute them prior to massage or application to the skin. Each vegetable oil offers a different set of properties and characteristics. The choice of oil therefore depends on the benefits sought.

Perfect for creating natural lotions, body oils, lip balms and moisturising skin care products.