Raw Cosmetic Ingredients

A range of quality Product Bases and Raw Cosmetic Ingredients, including vegetable oils, clays, butters, waxes, salts, essential oils and more.

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in making your skincare or cosmetics. Making your own skincare can be extremely beneficial for many reasons. Not only is it a fun and relaxing activity, but it helps you to know what is going into your skincare products. Enabling, you to ensure that the products you are using products that are healthy for your skin. As interpreting ingredient labels on skincare products can be quite a complicated business.

Our range of premium raw materials offers the perfect ingredients for your special creations. Whether you’re manufacturing products for sale, creating items for your self or your family, or making gifts, you’ll be able to develop skincare and cosmetic items that have your own personal touch.

Our selection of base products formulated to take additional ingredients such as extracts or essential oils or used as-is. Indeed these versatile bases contain only natural ingredients and are suitable for all skin-types.

Join the therapists, and businesses who use our ingredients to create incredible skincare products

Quality Bases & Cosmetic Ingredients to help you create luxurious hair care, skincare, & cosmetic products