Raw Cosmetic Ingredients

A range of quality Product Bases and Raw Cosmetic Ingredients, including vegetable oils, clays, butters, waxes, salts, essential oils and more.

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in making your skincare or cosmetics. Making your own skincare can be extremely beneficial for many reasons. Not only is it a fun and relaxing activity, but it helps you to know what is going into your skincare products. Enabling, you to ensure that the products you are using products that are healthy for your skin. As interpreting ingredient labels on skincare products can be quite a complicated business.

Our range of premium raw materials offers the perfect ingredients for your special creations. Whether you’re manufacturing products for sale, creating items for your self or your family, or making gifts, you’ll be able to develop skincare and cosmetic items that have your own personal touch.

Our selection of base products formulated to take additional ingredients such as extracts or essential oils or used as-is. Indeed these versatile bases contain only natural ingredients and are suitable for all skin-types.

Join the therapists, and businesses who use our ingredients to create incredible skincare products

Quality Bases & Cosmetic Ingredients to help you create luxurious hair care, skincare, & cosmetic products

  • Base Products

    Base Products (6)

    Base Products Our Base Products are pre-made mixtures of natural ingredients for making cosmetic products in an easy and fast way. With these bases, you don't need to formulate a product from scratch. Just add your favorite essential oils, or other ingredients of choice and your product is complete. Our Bases are plain skin, soap, and hair care bases to…
  • Cosmetic Clays

    Cosmetic Clays (2)

    Cosmetic Clays Our 100% natural cosmetic clays great for use in: - face and body masks - cleansers - soaps - scrubs - other skincare products These clays are rich in therapeutic, health enhancing minerals and known for their drawing, cleansing, detoxifying, and skin toning properties. Clays have a variety of uses, they can be combined with other ingredients to…
  • Essential Oil Dispersant

    Essential Oil Dispersant (1)

    Essential Oil Dispersant | Solubiliser Essential Oil Dispersant also referred to as an Essential Oil Solubiliser Used for incorporating essential oils into water-based products. It enables essential oils properly disperse throughout the water-based medium without separating In simple terms it helps essential oil stay mixed with water without requiring constant agitation. Making water-based products without a dispersant such as room…
  • Hydrosols

    Hydrosols (6)

    Hydrosols (Natural Flower or Floral Water) Hydrosols are the pure and natural waters produced during the steam distillation of essential oils from plant materials such as leaves, flowers, peels, berries, wood, stems and roots. Much gentler than their essential oil counterparts and unlike most essential oils that should be diluted before using them on your skin, hydrosols can be applied…
  • Natural Butters

    Natural Butters (2)

    Natural Vegetable Butters Discover our range of natural butters perfect for skincare and beauty products. Indeed gentle enough to use directly on the skin, and the perfect base for skincare products. Vegetable Butters are moisturising, help protect the skin, are rich in nutrients. This makes them suitable for skincare, cosmetic and massage products. Butters add viscosity & stability of emulsions,…
  • Natural Salts

    Natural Salts (3)

    Natural Salts Natural salts contain different minerals and properties that make them perfect to use with other cosmetic ingredients to make skincare and cosmetic products. Salts are rich in sodium, magnesium and other minerals that help soften the skin and hair. It makes a perfect exfoliant in skincare products, as it gently buffs away dry skin to leave the skin…
  • Natural Vegetable Oils

    Natural Vegetable Oils (6)

    Natural Vegetable Oils We offer a selection of natural vegetable oils for DIY skin care recipes, soap making, and aromatherapy. Vegetable oils - fixed, non-volatile oils present in various nuts, seeds and legumes. The cold pressed, extraction process involves no heat this helps the oils to stay in their natural and unaltered state. As a result a high level of…
  • Natural Waxes

    Natural Waxes (1)

    Natural Waxes Waxes are one of the oldest raw cosmetic ingredients, and are widely used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. Depending on where they originate in the world, consequently they can have a different appearance and properties. Waxes are hydrophobic, solid materials at room temperature and typically have melting points over 40 °C and are insoluble in water…