Cosmetic Clays

Our 100% natural cosmetic clays great for use in:
– face and body masks
– cleansers
– soaps
– scrubs
– other skincare products

These clays are rich in therapeutic, health enhancing minerals and known for their drawing, cleansing, detoxifying, and skin toning properties.

Clays have a variety of uses, they can be combined with other ingredients to form part of a sophisticated clay based products, such as cleansers and exfoliating skincare products.

They can simply be combined with water (or hydrosols) and to make a face mask. If inclined you could also blend with essential oils and carrier oils. As well as incorporated into DIY soaps, dry shampoos, and even homemade baby powder.

Tip: Blended in oil, the clays are suitable as either hair masks or body wraps, blended in water (or hydrosols) they are suitable for the face and neck area.

We currently have two natural clays in our range:
– French Green Clay – suitable for oily and blemish prone skin
– Australian White Clay – suitable for all skin types.