• Breathe Essential Oil Blend

Take a deep breath of Breathe Essential Oil Blend for its calming, clearing combination of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and Tea Tree Essential oils

Breathe contains a unique mix of essential oils chosen for their traditional uses in helping the symptoms of coughs, colds and other conditions that may affect the breathing or respiratory system.  Breathe helps to support the health of your lungs and respiratory system and may help to clear a stuffy head and calm the symptoms of coughs and colds.


Breathe Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend contains 100% pure essential oils of –

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – an age old remedy for respiratory ailments

Lavender Essential Oil – calming to the nerves and the respiratory system

Lemon Essential Oil – fresh and uplifting

Peppermint Essential Oil – clearing, refreshing and stimulating

Tea tree Essential Oil – antibacterial and useful for infections


How to Use Breathe Essential Oil Blend-

  • Vaporise in an oil burner, vaporiser or aromatherapy diffuser
  • Add to a carrier oil or unscented massage oil and apply to chest, neck and upper back. (Add 2-3 drops to 10ml of carrier oil for adults or 1-2 drops to 10 ml carrier oil for children over 2 years. Not recommended for children under 2 years unless on the advice of qualified aromatherapist)


Why use Essence of Wellbeing Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends?

  • Essence of Wellbeing Essential Oil Blends have been created for a variety of specific uses and are the result of many hours of dedicated testing of different combinations of our pure essential oils to create the most beautiful effective and synergistic aromatic blends.
  • Essence of Wellbeing Essential Oils are all high quality pure essential oils extracted using either distillation or expression. We do not use any diluted or solvent extracted oils in our blends, nor do we use any synthetic fragrance oils.
  • Essence of Wellbeing Essential Oil Blends are vegan and are not tested on animals. Our products are accredited by Choose Cruelty Free.

Please Note - Essence of Wellbeing Essential Oil Blends are made from pure essential oils and are therefore highly concentrated. As a result, our Essential Oil Blends should not be used directly on the skin without diluting them first.

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Breathe Essential Oil Blend

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