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Aromatherapy Inhaler a great way to take aromatherapy with you, about the size of a lip balm, they fit neatly into your pocket or bag – perfect for travelling!

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Aromatherapy Inhaler (Aroma Inhaler) a great way to take aromatherapy with you.

Our Aromatherapy Inhaler is about the size of a lip balm, so they fit neatly into your pocket or bag. Perfect for travelling!

Inhalers are extremely easy to use and ideal for making your own nasal inhaler or healthcare inhaler. Our sense of smell is connected to the region of the brain that controls memories, emotions, and hormones. Our aromatherapy inhalers are simple and easy to use and can help with headaches, cravings, stress, energy, focus, etc.

Perfect to use with essential oils or essential oil blends. If you don’t want to blend your own oils try our pre-blended essential oils for a quick and easy solution.

An inhaler, as opposed to a spray, allows for discreet personal use within a workspace or office environment without impacting anyone else. Easy to use as needed throughout the day from a gentle wave under the nose to a deep inhalation.

You can use aromatherapy inhalers for anything you might use a diffuser for. You can make inhalers for energy, sleep, relaxation, focus, and more. They’re great for when you’re traveling on a plane!

Theses are supplied blank, without essential oils, enabling you to customise your inhaler with your favourite essential oil or essential oil blend.


How to Use

– Simply drop your essential oils or blend onto the absorbent cotton stick

– Pop it into the inner shell

– Snap on the cap and screw on the outer cover

you’re inhaler is then ready to go!

We generally recommend adding 10-15 drops of essential oil, however you may not necessarily need this amount. It will depend on the strength of the oils that you are using.

Product Details

Each Inhaler Includes:
1 x Outer shell
1 x Inhaler (inner shell)
1 x Highly absorbent cotton stick
1 x Seal cap


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