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Lime and Sandalwood Hand Cream is a rich soothing cream for hard working hands

  • smooths & softens
  • all natural
  • suitable for vegans
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Our Lime and Sandalwood Hand Cream is a rich soothing cream for hard working hands.

Our Lime & Sandalwood Hand Cream is perfect for reviving hard working hands that take a lot of punishment during the day. Whether from the drying effects of detergents from washing dishes.  Or the effects of cold weather that can cause chapped or dry skin. Handwashing, especially with harsh soaps. The drying effects of the sun and wind. And for some of us, our jobs can be hard on our hands too, whether you are a cleaner, gardener, tradie, hairdresser, parent or the many other people who work with their hands. Days of hard work followed by harsh handwashing or working water can leave our hands feeling rough and dry. Or with cracked broken skin that may feel itchy or irritated.

Our Lime and Sandalwood Hand cream is designed to soften and smooth the skin on hard working hands, nourishing and protecting them and leaving them soft and soothed.

Hand blended from natural ingredients this hand cream deeply feeds the skin, leaving it soft and nourished. Its ingredient include sweet almond oil for its rich emollient properties as well as shea butter to feed and protect the skin. The addition of Essential Oils of Lime and Australian Sandalwood impart a delightful fragrance to the skin

The addition of pure Lime and Australian Sandalwood Essential Oils also gives this cream a beautiful fragrance which leaves your hands smelling wonderful!

Use this hand cream after washing hands, or washing the dishes. Use at night before sleep, allowing the skin to soften and heal overnight.

Apply Lime and Sandalwood Hand Cream sparingly as it is extremely rich. A little goes a long way!

Suitable for:  all skin types

Suitable for vegans: contains no animal ingredients and not tested on animals


How to Use

Apply sparingly, simply massage thoroughly into the skin on the hands.

May be used repeatedly during the day or at night before bed.



rose hydrosol, sweet almond oil, shea nut butter, vegetable emulsifying wax, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E, essential oils of lime and australian sandalwood


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