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Batch expiring 12/22 only

Citrus Salt Glow exfoliate & smooth away rough skin leaving it soft and invigorated

  • exfoliating & moisturising
  • all natural
  • suitable for vegans
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Batch expiring 12/22 only

Our Citrus Salt Glow is the natural fragrant way to smooth away rough skin, leaving it soft and invigorated.

Citrus Salt Glow we hand-blend every batch from Australian Sea Salt, renowned for its natural exfoliating and antiseptic properties and rich nourishing Sweet Almond Oil.

We then add our own invigorating blend of Lemon, Grapefruit and Sweet Orange essential oils, chosen for their stimulating refreshing properties. These citrus essential oils have bright, uplifting and refreshing properties.

The beauty of this scrub is the rich oil base whihc helps the skin to stay soft and hydrated. Many commercial scrubs are made from a soap or detergent base.  This tends to make them more drying and may sometimes make rough skin worse and even cause more irritation.

Our blend, with its base of Sweet Almond Oil, is different.  The oil nourishes the skin mitigating any risk of drying. So instead of skin feeling in need of additional moisturisation after use, your skin feels soft and nourished.  Effectively you are exfoliating and moisturising your skin at the same time! So easy!

You can use Citrus Salt Glow all over the body including areas that tend particularly to suffer from roughness such as the feet, knees and elbows.  We do suggest taking care if you have sensitive skin, and do not recommend using it on the face or other sensitive areas.

This scrub can be be used in the shower or bath. Or try using it on your feet after a soak in foot bath.

Suitable for:  all skin types

Suitable for vegans: contains no animal ingredients and not tested on animals

How to Use

Wet the skin.

Then take a scoop of Citrus Salt glow and massage into the skin, paying particular attention to areas that are rough or dry.

Rinse skin and pat dry.


sea salt, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, essential oils of sweet orange, lemon and grapefruit


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