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This Essential oil Travel Bag is a practical and safe way travel with your essential oils.

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Essential Oil Travel Bag – holds 8 x 10ml Essential Oil Bottles

Our essential oil travel bag is a perfect solution for storing your essential oils while you travel or just keeping them in your handbag or close at hand. This essential oil bag helps you stay organised and carry your essential oils with you. 

Our Essential Oil Bag is a robust and lightweight solution to traveling with essential oils, it has a handle, zipper closure, padded dividers and a quilted surround which will keep your essential oils safe whether at home or on the road.

Which makes it perfect for taking a larger selection of oils with you when travelling and is compact enough to easily fit into a carry bag or suitcase.

It holds 8 x 10ml Essential Oil Bottles, making it the perfect size to take on your next trip.


Essential Oil Bag Dimensions: 135mm (L) x 75mm (W) x 85mm (H)


FAQ – Why use a Essential Oil Travel Bag?

Essential Oil Travel Bags extend the shelf life of your precious essential oils by protecting them from the deterioration that can be caused by light.

They are lightweight and have padded dividers for protecting your bottles and keeping them from hitting into one another and possibility breaking


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