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Essential Oil Dispersant helps blend essential oil(s) into water-based products.

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Essential Oil Dispersant (Solubiliser) helps blend essential oil(s) into water-based products. This ensures the essential oil(s) stay mixed, without requiring constant agitation.

This Essential Oil Dispersant derived from natural almond and coconut oils. It is clear and has low odour, so it won’t interfere with the aroma of your essential oils.

As essential oils are not naturally soluable in water. It is difficult to include essential oils in any water based product.

Essential oil dispersant (sometimes called a solubiliser) is ideal to use in these instances. It enables essential oils to properly disperse throughout the water-based medium without separating.

Essentail oil dispersant can prove useful in a variety of applications, such as room sprays, body sprays, or even in the bath.


Why use a dispersant (solubiliser)? If you look at natural skin care and perfumes made without using a solubilisers, you tend to see a clear liquid at the bottom with a layer of essential oil on top. Some even have instructions saying shake vigorously before use. Products like this appear unattractiveunprofessional and may have concentration or safety issues due to the essential oils uneven distrubtion.

Using an essential oil solubilser ensures essential oil(s) are uniformly dispersed within a product, so the concentration is the same throughout.

How to Use

Use 3 to 10 drops of dispersant to 1 drop of essential oil. Make sure it is thoroughly mixed together, then add this mixture to the water by stirring.

The general rule is 3 to 10 parts dispersant to 1 part essential oil. Lower amounts of may create a milky mixture; higher amounts will generally create a clear solution. Some essential oils, such as citrus oils, require a higher amount in order to create a clear solution.

NB. Different oils work at different proportions, some may not work at all, it is best to test first whether the dispersant is suitable for your particular application.


Product Details

Ingredients: PEG-60 Almond Glycerides; Polysorbate 20 (coconut derived)


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