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Professional Aromatherapy Kit – Containing 20 of our popular pure essential oils



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Professional Aromatherapy Kit – Containing 20 of our popular pure essential oils and a beautiful essential oil storage box

This Professional Aromatherapy Kit has everything you need to start your aromatherapy journey. As a result it makes a great gift for friends or family who are interested in Aromatherapy, or maybe that perfect treat for yourself!

Perfect for both those experienced in aromatherapy and for those starting out on their aromatherapy and essential oil journey!

Tips for Using an Aromatherapy Kit:
– Firstly, e
ducate yourself by taking some time to learn about the oils in your kit and their benefits from our website and blog. Importantly this will also help you learn how to use your essential oils safely and effectively.
– Try blending your essential oils to create different affects. These different combinations may, firstly affect your mood, or even create a different atmosphere.
– Experiment with different methods of use, such as trying out different diffuser blends or making your own cleaning products.
– Finally, k
eep a record of the blends you try or the applications you find useful. So you will build up your own resource for future use.


– 1 Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box  (Capacity 25 x 10ml Bottles)

– 20 of our popular 10ml Pure Essential Oils

1  x 10ml Bergamot            1 x 10ml Cedarwood Atlas 

1 x 10ml Clary Sage           1 x 10ml Clove Bud 

1 x 10ml Eucalyptus          1 x 10ml Frankincense

1 x 10ml Geranium            1 x 10ml Grapefruit

1 x 10ml Juniperberry      1 x 10ml  Lavender

1 x 10ml Lemon                 1 x 10ml Lemongrass

1 x 10ml Lime                    1 x 10ml Mandarin

1 x 10ml  Orange Sweet   1 x 10ml Patchouli 

1 x 10ml  Peppermint       1 x 10ml Rosemary

1  x 10ml Tea Tree            1 x 10ml Ylang Ylang



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