Bespoke Aromatherapy Facial Oil

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your skin is unique to you, and deserves a unique approach to skin care

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Bespoke Aromatherapy Facial Oil – your skin is unique to you, and deserves a unique approach to skin care. 

Why Bespoke Aromatherapy Facial Oil? Having problems finding face skincare thats right for your skin? Always looking for something more suitable?

The beauty of having a natural product made just for you is, personal and authentic, custom blended just for you. No synthetic, artificial fragrances or preservatives are used. Just pure plant based, natural & organic ingredients that your skin will love & enjoy. This is also ideal if you suffer from allergies, sensitivities, or just want to go natural

Your Bespoke Aromatherapy Facial Oil will be created especially for you – taking into account your skin’s own needs and any issues your skin may be experiencing.  No standard base products. Nothing premade.  Lovingly hand-crafted using beautiful natural ingredients.

The process starts with a 15 minute phone consultation, (included in the cost) where we discuss the current condition of your skin and any problems you may have.  We will also cover any issues, such as allergies or sensitivities, to ensure there are no contraindications to any ingredients. Any personal preferences or aversions in essential oils including aroma will also be discussed.

Your Aromatherapy Facial Oil will then be hand crafted from this information – carefully blended using cold pressed oils, extracts and pure essential oils, each selected for their benefit for you and your skin. (Please allow up to a week for this process.)

You will receive a 50ml bottle of your Bespoke Aromatherapy Facial Oil together with a note of the ingredients – why each has been included and how they apply to you.

Your Aromatherapy Facial Oil is a concentrated product – use just a couple drops to smooth and nourish your skin.

A Bespoke Aromatherapy Facial Oil is the ultimate luxury for your skin – Why buy your skin care “off the shelf” when you can have a product created just for you!

Please note – This product and the consultation referred to is designed for skin care only. It is not intended to treat any disease or medical condition.  Essence of Wellbeing reserves the right to cancel the purchase of this product if the information obtained during the consultation or otherwise indicates that this product is not suitable for you.