Aromatherapy Formula Review

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Aromatherapy Formula Review have your formula reviewed and assessed by Professional Accredited Aromatherapist for peace of mind.

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Aromatherapy Formula Review have your formula reviewed and assessed by Professional Accredited Aromatherapist Wendy Mackay MIAAMA for peace of mind.

Are you a natural therapist or business owner seeking to use essential oils in your own products?

Are you concerned you don’t have an aromatherapy qualification?

Are you unsure about the effectiveness of the essential oils you are hoping to use?  Or about the safety of the essential oils, proportions or dosage?

The process is simple –

  1. Purchase this product
  2. Forward to us your formula, together with details of the purpose of the product and your intended audience. (Rest assured that all formulas submitted are treated with the utmost confidence – your IP is protected.)
  3. Receive a written report on your formula including –
    • information on each essential oil included in your formula
    • assessment of the formula for the intended purpose including both the essential oils chosen and their proportions
    • comments on risk factors for any aspect of the formula, including essential oils or dosage
    • where appropriate, suggestions for alternative essential oils or other formula adjustments

Note – this item is for the review of 1 formula only.  Discounts may be available for multiple formulae provided at the same time.  Contact us for more information.

Once you have purchased this item, we will be in contact with you within 1 business day to confirm the information we will require from you.  Please allow a minimum of 1 week for your report to be prepared once your information has been submitted.  We may require additional information in some case, but will communicate with you if this applies.

If you have any questions before booking your report, please email us at

All Aromatherapy Formula Review Reports are personally prepared by our resident Professional Accredited Aromatherapist Wendy Mackay MIAAMA –

  • over 20 years experience as a qualified aromatherapist
  • Member and past President of the International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association (IAAMA)
  • Extensive training in both the UK and Australia
  • Founder and Director of Essence of Wellbeing