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This 50ml Amber glass bottle is perfect for your essential oil andor aromatherapy requirements.

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50ml Amber glass bottle with cap & dripolator (white plastic tamper-evident cap)

This 50ml Amber glass bottle with cap and dripolator insert is perfect for your essential oils and aromatherapy requirements. Also referred to as a dropper bottle.

A dripolator is part of the cap. As you twist the cap on to the bottle it automatically inserts the dripolator into the bottle neck. This then makes it easily to dispense the liquid slowly or in a regulated way.

This amber glass bottle is suitable for your essential oils or essential oil blends. Dripolators help dispense exact amounts from the bottle, which make them ideal for dispensing essential oils.

Manufactured from amber glass providing optimum protection from light, makes them perfect for the storage of 100% pure essential oils, and essential oil blends.

Our dripolator bottles come in a 10ml, 50ml, and 100ml sizes.


Product Details

50ml Amber Glass Bottle Dimensions

Height 92.2mm
Diameter 37.2mm
Neck Finish 18mm tamper-evident
Closure 18mm tamper-evident cap with dripolator insert

All our amber glass bottles are manufactured using high quality amber glass. This prevents the glass from losing colour over time.

Please be aware some other glass bottles on the market are sprayed an amber colour.


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