Essential Oil Solubiliser (Dispersant)

Essential Oil Solubilser helps blend essential oil(s) into water-based products. This ensures the essential oil(s) stay mixed, without requiring constant agitation.

Why use a solubilser\dispersant? Essential oil(s) are not soluble in water.  It is similar to trying to combine oil and vinegar in a salad dressing. No matter how well you shake the two together, the oil will eventually separate from the vinegar.

Making water-based products without a dispersant such as room sprays, will result in product separation. Products like this appear unattractive\unprofessional and may have concentration or safety issues due to the essential oils uneven distrubtion.

Using an essential oil solubilser ensures essential oil(s) are uniformly dispersed within a product, so the concentration is the same throughout.

Examples of where a dispersant can help:
– adding essential oils to your bath,
– making perfume or spritz using essential oils and water.