About Us

Essence of Wellbeing

Essence of Wellbeing is renowned for providing quality aromatherapy and natural skincare products, providing great value for money and without compromising on quality.

•    pure & natural ingredients
•    no wasteful packaging
•    no artificial fragrances
•    no synthetic additives
•    no petrochemicals
•    no animal testing - we are accredited as a Cruelty Free Company by Choose Cruelty Free

“We simply believe that you deserve the best nature has to offer”

Who Are We?

Essence of Wellbeing was founded by Wendy Mackay, a professional accredited aromatherapist.

Wendy is a past president of the International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association (IAAMA) and a current member. IAAMA is an independent non-profit professional association, dedicated to supporting aromatherapy practitioners in Australia and internationally.

Wendy began developing aromatherapy products years ago as part of her growing aromatherapy practice. She also began to experiment with natural skin care products for herself as she found most skin care products on the market simply did not suit her skin. These products proved popular due to the increasing numbers of people she found also had skin which reacted negatively to many conventional skin care products available at the time. Wendy added these products to the other aromatherapy creations she was making for her aromatherapy clients, not to for mention family and friends! It is from these beginnings that Essence of Wellbeing was born.

Wendy originally gained a degree in law and worked for some years in the legal profession both in Australia and the UK. It was while Wendy was working in London in the 1990’s that she developed an interest in natural therapies and in particular, aromatherapy,  which she studied for several years including with the Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy from where she initially qualified as a professional aromatherapist.

In the late 1990’s Wendy and her husband David (a large souvenir from her time in the UK!) decided to move back to Australia. There they saw a gap in the market for quality aromatherapy and natural skincare products that people could use to enhance their everyday life.

With Essence of Wellbeing Wendy has brought her knowledge and experience of aromatherapy to develop a wonderful range of aromatherapy and natural skin care products.Wendy is passionate about aromatherapy and natural skin care, and ensures that Essence of Wellbeing offers everything for the lover of aromatherapy, from pure natural skin care products bursting with essential oils and other natural ingredients to essential oils, carrier oils, massage oils, raw cosmetic ingredients as well as her own unique essential oils blends and more.

Wendy is responsible for the sourcing all our natural ingredients & aromatherapy products, as well as for our skincare manufacturing. Her philosophy is simple - if she would not use it on herself or her family, we do not stock it!

Essence of Wellbeing is also against animal testing and is accredited Choose Cruelty Free.

Essence of Wellbeing is a family business, based in Mornington Victoria and which is run by Wendy along with her husband David who looks after the website, accounts and the general administration of  the business.

Why Choose Essence of Wellbeing?

•    All natural ingredients
•    Small hand-made batches ensure quality and freshness
•    No artificial fragrance or added colour
•    No petrochemicals , SLS, alcohol or parabens
•    Not tested on animals – Choose Cruelty Free accredited
•    Wholly Australian family owned and operated business
•    100% quality guarantee

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