Perfume Grade Alcohol - PICK UP ONLY

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Our Perfume Grade Alcohol is perfect to use as a perfume base, as, unlike some other regular ethanols it has a very low to a neutral odour. This means it will not compete with the aroma of any essential oils that you may wish to add.

This Ethanol-based perfume grade alcohol is a special formulation which can be used by both professionals and amateurs who wish to make alcohol-based perfumes. This alcohol evaporates almost instantly making it an ideal base for perfumes assisting in diffusing and lifting perfume notes

Ideal for use in deodorants, skin toners, strong cleansers, hand sanitiser, etc, where an alcohol element is required.


  • Clear and colourless
  • Ethanol produced from natural sugar cane
  • Has a flashpoint of 11ºC with a boiling range of 78-83ºC and a specific gravity of 0.8
  • Contains an alcohol concentration of 95% with 5% water and denaturant
  • It has an additive to make it bitter and unpalatable for drinking. This product is NOT suitable for adding to food or drink.


  • ingredients Ethanol >95%,  Purified Water 2-5%,  t-Butanol 0.25%


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Perfume Grade Alcohol - PICK UP ONLY

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