Essential Oil Basics Pack - with 8 Essential Oils

The Essential Oil Basics Pack contains 8 of the most useful essential oils to start your own Aromatherapy Kit or Collection - plus a BONUS Essential Oil Travel Bag (holds up to 8 x 10ml essential oil bottles)!

A Basic Essential Oil Starter Pack containing 100% Pure Essential Oils - Perfect for those who are keen to start to explore the aromatherapy world & essential oils.


This pack contains -

1 x 10ml Bergamot Essential Oil - ideal for stress-related conditions including those affecting skin, respiratory and digestive systems

1 x 10ml Cedarwood Essential Oil -  Calming soothing effects, often used for exhaustion, nervous tension, anger and stress. Astringent action also makes it suitable for oil skin.

1 x 10ml Eucalyptus Essential Oil - helpful for respiratory conditions, add eucalyptus to a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam to help clear a stuffy head. Or add to a carrier oil and massage into chest and back. Put a few drops on a damp cloth and use to wipe over door handles, light switches and other areas to reduce the spread of colds.

1 x 10ml Geranium Essential Oil - balancing uplifting action makes it suitable for stress-related conditions, can help balance the skin including the production of sebum.

1 x 10ml Lavender Essential Oil - a wonderfully versatile oil, but best known for its relaxant properties. Can be used to soothe and heal minor cuts, insect bites, or burns. Add a few drops to a bowl of warm water and use to wash minor cuts or grazes. A drop inhaled from a tissue or on a pillow can aid restful sleep. Add to the bath at the end of a stressful day or rub a drop into the temples for a headache.

1 x 10ml Lemon Essential Oilantiseptic and refreshing. Great to blend with other oils to increase their synergistic effects.

1 x 10ml Orange Sweet Essential Oil - uplifting action common to most citrus oils. relaxing action helps for tension, digestive system issues as well as dry or irritated skin.

1 x 10ml Ylang Ylang Complete Essential Oil - Calming balancing and soothing action. Useful for stress tension, hormonal issues and various skin conditions

1 x Essential Oil Travel Bag - (holds up to 8 x 10ml essential oil bottles). This quilted padded travel case includes padded dividers to protect each bottle and a handle on top to keep oils upright during transport.

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Essential Oil Pack - Basics

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