• Essential Oil Dispersant

Essential Oil Dispersant (Solubiliser) is used for incorporating essential oils into water-based products

Essence of Wellbeing Essential Oil Dispersant is derived from natural almond and coconut oils, is clear and with low odour, so it won't interfere with the aroma of your essential oils.

Essential oils are not naturally soluable in water, which can make it difficult to include essential oils in any water based product.

An essential oil dispersant, sometimes called a solubiliser, is ideal to use in these instances as it enables essential oils to be properly dispersed throughout a water-based medium without separating. You can incorporate an essentail oil dispersant in a variety of applications, including room sprays, body sprays, or even in the bath.


Why use a dispersant (solubiliser)? If you look at natural skin care and perfumes made without using a solubilisers, you tend to see a clear liquid at the bottom with a layer of essential oil on top of the liquid (some even have instructions saying shake vigorously before use). Such products do not look attractive or professional, there can also be other issues due to the fact the essential oils are not evenly distributed throughout the medium.

Using a dispersant (solubiliser) ensures the essential oils are uniformly dispersed in the product as very small droplets and their concentration is the same through the whole solution.


Directions: Mix Dispersant with Essential Oil in the ratio of  3-10 drops of dispersant to every 1 drop of essential oil. Mix together thoroughly before adding to water, again making sure to mix thoroughly.


Ingredients: PEG-60 Almond Glycerides; Polysorbate 20 (coconut derived)

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Essential Oil Dispersant

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