Essential Oil Travel Pack

This Essential Oil Travel Pack contains 8 of the best essential oils to take with you when travelling - plus a BONUS padded Essential Oil Storage Bag (holds up to 8 x 10ml Essential Oil Bottles)

Simply the essential oils aromatherapists never leave home without!


This pack contains -

1 x 10ml Ginger Essential Oil - warming and soothing action makes it suitable for digestive conditions including nausea and tummy upsets. Or to add to a massage oil for pre- or post-exercise or muscular aches and pains.

1 x 10ml Lavender Essential Oil - a wonderfully versatile oil, but best known for its relaxant properties. Can be used to soothe and heal minor cuts, insect bites, or burns. Add a few drops to a bowl of warm water and use to wash minor cuts or grazes. A drop inhaled from a tissue or on a pillow can aid restful sleep.

1 x 10ml Orange Sweet Essential Oil - uplifting action common to most citrus oils. relaxing action helps for tension, digestive system issues as well as dry or irritated skin. Can help to manage stress and tension.

1 x 10ml Peppermint Essential Oil - add a few drops to a tissue and inhale to help relive nausea, travel sickness or headaches. Or add to a footbath for hot tired feet

1 x 10ml Rosemary Essential Oil - stimulating to the mind and memory, rosemary is great for mental fatigue. Use to reinvigorate and to aid focus and concentration.

1 x 10ml Tea Tree Essential Oil - a strong medicinal aroma reflects its powerful bacterial and virus busting properties, making it a useful disinfectant.. Tea tree can be added to a carrier oil for skin conditions, or even to a foot bath for feet infections.

1 x 10ml Clarity Essential Oil Blend - Clears the head and makes the perfect blend to use to counter that late afternoon slump or to aid concentration. Useful for when fatigue or jet lag starts to get the better of you!

1 x 10ml Peace Essential Oil Blend - a blend of deeply relaxing essential oils - the perfect blend to help you unwind and aid a night of restful sleep, especially when travel or time zone changes make it hard to switch off.

1 x Essential Oil Travel Bag - (holds up to 8 x 10ml essential oil bottles). This quilted padded travel case includes padded dividers to protect each bottle and a handle on top to keep oils upright during transport.


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Essential Oil Pack - Travel

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