5 Favourite Essential Oils for Christmas

  • 18 Dec 2019


The scents of the Christmas season evoke some of the most powerful memories, whether it is the fresh green scent of a Christmas Tree, spices in traditional Christmas cake or mince pies.


When I think of Christmas, or remember back to Christmas when I was a child, the smells are some of my strongest memories. It may be the scent of a fresh Christmas tree; my Nanna’s (very boozy!) Christmas cake; my Mum’s amazing mince pies (Always made on Christmas Eve); or the scent of summer mangoes in the shops (after all Christmas and summer coincide here in Australia).


Essential oils can echo these scent-memories and bring an atmosphere of Christmas to your home. And they can establish new memories or traditions in your home or for your family.


Here are 5 of my favourite Essential Oils for Christmas


Sweet Orange

The fresh sweet scent of Orange recalls both Christmas and summer. Bright and happy, it reminds me of Christmas holidays, sun and fun. It is liked by most people and gives your home a fresh happy vibe.


Clove bud

Along with orange, clove bud is an essential element in the tradition pomander – an orange stuck all over with cloves.  It also brings back childhood memories of Christmas baking – my grandmother’s Christmas Cake and my Mum’s fabulous mince pies! 



One of the gifts presented to the infant Jesus (although in the form of the gum rather than the essential oil!), frankincense is a precious gift with numerous properties.  It is calming but without being sedative (so good for those frantic days in the lead up to Christmas). If you need some time out, take a few deep breaths of Frankincense and practice stillness and mindfulness.



Any of the conifers will remind one of the scent of a fresh Christmas Tree, but my favourite is Pine for its fresh scent. It is commonly recommended for respiratory conditions for its clearing properties.  You may also like to try Cypress or Juniperberry as an alternative.


Cinnamon Leaf

Another spice oil, Cinnamon, like Clove Bud, reminds one of the scent of Christmas cooking and food.  After all many of the traditional Christmas dishes, from Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding to mince pies and even the stuffing for the Christmas Turkey, use a variety of spices including cinnamon.



Add one (or more) of these essential oils to a vaporiser or diffuser to bring the spirit of Christmas to your home.



Do you agree?  Is one of these essential oils your favourite?  If not, what is your favourite Christmas scent? Share below!




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