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Finding the Right Skincare

Have you got “difficult” skin?  Do you struggle in finding the right skincare products that work for your skin?

If so rest assured I understand.

For years I thought I could not use moisturiser, as every one I tried made my skin break out.  Other products had fragrance that gave me a headache. I knew I needed to take care of my skin but it was a real struggle to find products that could do this without side effects.

My period of enlightenment started with my entry into aromatherapy. Although it still took some time before I found my solution.

Learning about essential oils, their properties, uses and potential issues, gave me new knowledge to start to understand my skin and the products I used on it a bit more.  I came to understand that there were certain ingredients that my skin had problems with. This empowered me to look closer at products and to be able to see more clearly which might cause issues and which were probably better for me.

The begining

Of course, my curiosity continued and eventually I started coming up with my own concoctions! Not all of the early formulas were a great success of course!  But gradually I learned more and experimented more until I found I was making just about everything I needed.  And my skin got better and better.  Less redness.  Less irritation. And no breakouts!

I also began making skin care products for others too – family, friends and clients.  You would be surprised (or maybe not!) how many people have trouble finding the right skincare products that really work for them. Allergies and sensitivities are incredibly common.  And I also see many women “of a certain age” who come to see me for help after finding that they are having issues for the first time.  Often, they have used the same skin care products for years quite happily. But on reaching their forties or fifties, they start having issues and need to make some changes.

What I have learned over the years is that ingredients matter.  Natural isn’t everything. (Although it is important.) And what works for one person may not work for the next. We all have different requirements – different ingredients may suit or not suit us. We may have allergies or sensitivities or stresses that affect our skin.  For myself, I was diagnosed several years ago with a chronic immune system condition that also affects my skin. (And which made many of my earlier skin issues make sooooo much more sense!)

My Routine

My favourite ingredients now include cold pressed vegetable oils, such as sweet almond, jojoba, macadamia and rosehip.  I also love using hydrosols – so gentle on the skin and vastly preferable to commercial toners with their harsh alcohol and other ingredients.  And of course I include my beloved essential oils.  It is vitally important to be careful with which essential oils you use and also making sure the concentration is appropriate for the delicate skin on the face.

My own skin care routine changes throughout the year due to weather, the season, temperature, environmental or stress influences.  And just through monitoring my own condition and how my skin is behaving.  For example, in colder months I find my skin is dryer, and so at those times of year I tend to boost my skin care with richer products and ingredients to compensate and soothe my skin.


I like to use one of my cleansers every evening, so I go to bed with a clean face. (Although I find my skin is better if I change between the different cleansers every so often, but I most often us my Lavender and Geranium Cleanser.) I know it can be hard to find the time to clean your face after a long day, but it makes such a difference. For myself, having done this for so long, I now find I can’t sleep properly without washing my face first – it just doesn’t feel right!

I follow up the cleanser at night with my Nourishing facial Treat– just a drop or 2 sets my skin up for the night.


In the morning, I usually just clean my face with water, although I may use a cleanser if my skin feels like it needs it. (see above comments re changing the routine!)  In summer I will then use my Lavender Geranium and Patchouli Moisturiser.  But in Winter when my skin is dryer, I will use my Nourishing Facial Treat again, followed by the moisturiser a few minutes later.

If I’m wearing makeup, I also use some Rose Hydrosol Spray to “set” the makeup and help it look fresher. (It works especially well over mineral powder foundation.) My skin feels fresher after this step. (Plus, it smells great!)

Every so often I will use our exfoliating Grains or a clay mask when my skin needs a boost or feels rough or dull.

I like to mix things up sometimes by making myself a custom blend cleanser, moisturiser or treatment oil – selecting the oils, essential oils and other ingredients to suit my skin and mood at the time. This enables me to deal with any particular issues that may come up. Or just to indulge in some of my favourite ingredients or to pamper my skin just that little bit more!

Sometimes I will give my skin a “holiday”, by just using a single cold pressed oil, usually jojoba, for a few days as both cleanser and moisturiser.  Although I love using my essential oils, I know how important it is to regulate not just the concentration of them in individual products, but also the overall “load” you are exposed to over time.  A short break every so often helps to make sure I am not overloading my skin or other body systems. (I bet you never thought you would hear an Aromatherapist tell you not always to use essential oils!)

Don’t lose hope

So if you have struggled finding the right skincare products that work or feel your current products are not quite doing it for you. Or if you have skin issues such as sensitive skin, rosacea, redness, roughness or blemishes, contact me to see how Essence of Wellbeing skin care can help.  Our products are all designed for sensitive skin – all of them are tested on my own skin before I let them near anyone else.

And if you still have trouble finding the right skincare or need something a bit different or if you have specific issues that need addressing, I can also create custom skin care products designed specifically for you and your own skin’s needs. The ultimate luxury for your skin!